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Other Wool Products and Accessories

Various wool products all made from our beautiful wool of the Texel. This unique breed of sheep is known for its high quality wool; a great opportunity for us to make the most beautiful products out of it.

In addition, we also have several accessories that help you use and maintain your sheepskin. This way you can keep your sheepskin beautiful for a long time.

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  1. Schapenwol kamp voor schapenvacht - Skeepe
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    Sheepskin rug brush / wool comb - Skeepe
  2. Skeepe bag for storing and washing your coat
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    Storage Bag & Laundry Bag for your Sheepskin
    Special Price €9.95 Regular Price €14.95
  3. Skéépe's walk from Texel - Blisters, foot and skin problems are taken care of with this lanolin wool
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    Hikers wool from Texel sheep wool
    As low as €9.95
  4. Insoles, shoe soles, orthotics made of real Texel sheepskin skeepe
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    Skéépe Texel wool insoles made of real sheepskin, leather and felt
    As low as €14.95
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Texel Wool Products & handy Accessories for your sheepskin

Products made from our Texel wool

Wool is such a versatile product that you can make many things from it. We therefore have various products that are all made from our beautiful Texel wool. So if you are looking for slippers, socks or for example dryer balls, which are not synthetic but made from sustainable wool, then you have come to the right place at Texel Products!

Useful tools to keep your sheepskin beautiful and take care of it

It makes sense to use your sheepskin because that is what it is meant for, of course. Your coat just needs some care. Think of brushing it every now and then with our wool comb, or neatly storing or washing it in the special storage bag. We are always thinking about how to keep your sheepskin beautiful for as long as possible. We hope there is a useful product for you!