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House slippers are wonderful to wear indoors. Texel home slippers are a real traditional product, and you can feel that. Each slipper or home shoe is made from 100% Texel shearwool, which is of high quality. The wool is both insulating and airy, which means that Texel home slippers and house shoes can keep your feet warm and fresh at the same time. Sheep wool is a durable and natural product that, with good care, can last a long time. In our webshop you will find a nice assortment of Texel house slippers in different colours and sizes. So get a set quickly and enjoy the quality that Texel has to offer.

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The beauty of Texel home slippers

The Texel sheep enjoy a wonderful outdoor life with the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. If you ever come to Texel, you've probably seen them out on the land. They provide the island with delicious delicacies, such as Wezenspyk cheese. The sheep are outside in the meadow all year round, enjoying the salty sea breeze and the tasty grass. This pleasant life ensures that their wool is of exceptionally high quality. Sheep wool from Texel sheep contains a large amount of wool fat (also called lanolin), which makes the wool both soft and airy. This makes virgin wool an excellent raw material to make Texel slippers. The slippers keep your feet comfortably warm, but not too warm. You can therefore wear sheep wool slippers from Texel all year round.

Sheep wool house slippers from Texel

Texel has about 20.000 sheep. Together they produce a lot of wool, because every summer they have to be stripped of their warm coats. From that wool the most beautiful products are made, such as woolen slippers and of course the softest Texel home slippers. These slippers are equipped with a leather sole, which makes them last extra long and walk comfortably. They are also moisture regulating, so they offer good comfort. They are nice and cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter. That makes this beautiful Texel product a real asset for the home.

What can you make of Texel sheep wool?

  • Comfortable sheep wool slippers or home shoes from Texel, of course!
  • On a decorative or medicinal sheepskin you can lie wonderfully.
  • Sheep's wool cream is good for caring for dry skin,
  • and more Texel wool products

Buy Texel slippers online

You can buy your Texel slippers and home shoes on the Wadden Island, but Texel products ensures that you can also easily order the finest traditional regional products online. All our products have the Quality mark 'Genuine Texel Product', so you know for sure that you are choosing quality. We deliver throughout the Netherlands and Europe, so your new Texel slippers will be delivered quickly. That is very convenient. If you order before 3 p.m. on working days, we will even make sure that your package is delivered the same day. This way you can enjoy the tastiest and most beautiful Texel products at home. Do you have any questions about your order? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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