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Lambskins from Texel

Texel Lambskin

Looking for genuine Texel lambskin of high quality? Then the lambskins of Skéépe are the best choice for you! Skéépe is the island's specialist in sheepskins and lambskins. Our world-famous Texel lambskin, guarantees unparalleled quality that is perfect for various purposes, such as for interior decoration, as a care aid or for your baby's comfort with a medicated lambskin for babies. These unique sheepskins come from the sheep breed the "Texelaar," which has a soft yet firm wool fiber and is super comfortable to the touch. Thanks to the salty sea air, wind and sun of the island, our genuine Texel sheep and lambskins are simply unmatched in quality. So why wait? Look around our online store today and buy one of those soft lambskins!

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  1. Texel Sheepskin | Texel lambskin white / natural
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    Texel lambskin White - Naturel
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  2. Texel Sheepskin | Texel lambskin brown
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    Texel lambskin brown
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  3. Medicinal lambskin with long hair
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    Medicinal lambskin - long hair
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  4. Texel Sheepskin | medicinal, lambskin for baby's
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    Medicinal Lambskin for Baby
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  5. Texel lambskin gray
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  6. Medicated sheepskin washable at high temperature Texel
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    On High temperature washable medicinal lambskin
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  7. Texel sheepskin olive green - color
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  8. Texel lamb skin in beige color
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Real Texel lambskin

Are you looking for a lambskin? Then a Texel lambskin from Skéépe is a great choice! Texel lambhides are known for their high quality and wonderfully soft. Due to the weather conditions of the island, the wool of the Texel sheep has a thick wool fiber but still feels nice and soft. A lambskin can be used for several purposes. They look beautiful in the interior and are wonderfully warm and soft to sit or lie on. A lambskin in a chair or on the couch gives a metamorphosis to your living room or bedroom!

In addition, a medicinal lambskin or sheepskin is also suitable for your baby. A sheepskin for your baby is a safe way for your baby to sleep, lie down or play on and gives your baby great comfort!

Buying a real lambskin from Texel? Check out the benefits here:

A Texel lambskin from Skéépe is a unique item and has the following advantages:

  • Extra thick, high-quality wool
  • Wonderfully soft and warm but also air-permeable
  • Looks great in any interior
  • Medicinal lambskin or special sheepskin for baby
  • Texel Quality certification

Medicinal lambskin or sheepskin for baby

A sheepskin for your baby has many natural benefits! Because of the ecological treatment of the lambskin and the short shorn wool, it is a wonderful place to sleep or play on. A medicinal sheepskin for your baby is safe because the wool is breathable and skin-friendly for the most delicate skin. Because of the short wool, the hairs cannot twist around the fingers or get into the mouth. In addition, the shaved surface is nicely even and therefore pressure relieving, which is very comfortable to sleep on!
Use a medicated lambskin for your baby in the crib or stroller. If you are looking for a lambswool footmuff for in the stroller, or a lambswool baby insert for in the stroller, we have those in several varieties as well.

Buying a Texel lambskin online

At Texel Products you can easily order your lambskin or sheepskin online. You can find all types of lambskin and sheepskin in our webshop. They vary in size and we also have colored sheepskins. In addition, you can also use a sheepskin as a rug. Do you want a large sheepskin rug? Then we can sew several sheepskins together in our workshop to make one big rug!
Our webshop is available 24/7 and if you order a sheepskin rug before 15:00, it will be shipped the same business day. Any questions about our Texel Skéépe lambskins or sheepskins? If so, please contact us!

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