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Sheepskins, lambskins and wool products: highest quality from Texel soil

Real Texel sheep, who really live on Texel, are the true suppliers of our coats and wool products. The wind and sea air make the fur and wool some of the best there is. A decorative sheepskin for over the couch, sheep wool slippers or home shoes, a medicinally tanned sheepskin against joint pain or a rug of eight sheepskins together, you will find it in our collection.

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What is so special about Texel wool?

Wool from Texel is really special. The island has some 20.000 sheep, which graze happily in the green pastures. They are the true suppliers of our Texel wool products and coats. The wool of Texel sheep is exceptionally soft and insulating. This is because the sheep are allowed to stand outside and enjoy the fresh wind and sea air. This causes them to produce more wool fat (or lanolin), which gives their coats and wool a unique texture. The fleeces and Texel wool products are of exceptionally high quality: you won't find them anywhere else! The Texel wool products you find in our webshop come from sheep that have actually lived on the island.

Texel wool products

Of this sheepskin you can make the most beautiful things. Think of Texel wool products such as comfortable slippers, but also medicinal sheepskins that prevent joint pain, and decorative fleeces in all sorts of colors. Also rugs of different sheepskins together we have in our collection. Our furs are of high quality and with proper care will last for years. This high quality can only be found on Texel.

What Texel wool products do we stock?

At Texel Products you will find all kinds of wool products. You can make the most beautiful things with Texel wool. A small selection from our range:
  • Wonderfully warm slippers in different colors.
  • Comfortable heel protectors equipped with sheepskin.
  • Sheepskin rugs.
  • Furs especially for babies (e.g. for in the baby carriage).
  • Schapenvachten in allerlei kleuren en maten. Wat dacht je van een sheepskin in brown?

Enjoying warm slippers made of Texel wool

The wool of Texel sheep is ideally suited to make wonderful slippers. They feel soft and are comfortable. The salty sea air on the island ensures that the wool insulates well, but also ventilates. Therefore you can wear slippers made of Texel wool in every season. In the winter they keep your feet comfortably warm, while in the summer they are airy and fresh. They are also moisture regulating and last a long time because of the leather under-sole. Our slippers and other Texel wool products are made of 100% pure, high-quality virgin wool. They are available in beautiful colors, from black to white and brown.

Buy Texel wool and products online

From our webshop you can order all the beautiful things Texel has to offer from your easy chair. We deliver our products throughout the Netherlands, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Wadden Island with our Texel wool products. You will also find other beautiful products and delicacies from the island such as fenugreek cheese at Texel Products. If you place your order before 15:00 on a working day, we will make sure that your order is packed and posted the same day. This ensures that you can quickly enjoy the finest Texel wool products anywhere in the Netherlands. Do you have a question about our products or an order? Please feel free to contact us!

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