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Texel drinks

A wide variety of drinks and beverages are brewed on Texel

The wealth of choice ranges from coffee, tea and apple juice to wines, beers and distilled drinks (Juttertje, Kees Boontje, TX Gin). So if you're interested in artisanal beverages: you'll find them in our webshop and can order online immediately.

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Texel drinks from Texel Products


A wide variety of drinks and beverages are brewed on Texel. Discover the unique taste of our Texel drinks, with an assortment ranging from warming Texel coffee to spicy, Texel spirits. We'd love to introduce you to the island's most famous and delicious drinks.

Texel coffee

Taste the warmth of Texel in every sip Texelse coffee. The coffee of 'Texelse Branding' is carefully selected and roasted by Evert to preserve the characteristic taste of Texel. Enjoy a delicious cup of Texel coffee, made from the finest composition of coffee beans roasted on the island at the Texel Roasting Company.


Texel tea


Relax with our Texel tea and let the natural aromas of the island take you away. Our Texel tea is carefully blended with ingredients and herbs that reflect the island. Experience soothing moments with each cup of Texel Products tea, a real treat for those who love the pure taste of sea buckthorn.

Texel apple juice


The delicious artisanal Texelse apple juice, is made by the local fruit company 'Molenbuurt'. The Texel apple juice is pure nature and the apples grow in this beautiful Texel orchard. Taste the natural sweetness of Texel, in the apples of the Wealde Tuin. A perfect choice for lovers of refreshing beverages.

Texel wines


Discover the exquisite Texel wines whose grapes grow on Texel soil at 'Wijngaard De Kroon'. The various wines, including white wine and secco are produced with passion, with the local vineyard using different grape varieties to create unique flavors. Be surprised by the diverse and rich Texel wine collection of Texel Products.

Texel beers


Toast the taste of Texel with our artisanal Texel beers. Who doesn't know the Texel beer from Bierbrouwerij Texel! Brewed with craftsmanship and love for the craft, the beer selection offers a range of flavors and styles. From refreshing blond beers to dark bock beers, Texel beers are a celebration of local brewing craftsmanship.

Texel Spirits

Close out this Texel beverage experience with our exclusive Texel spirits. The distillery on Texel creates unique and characterful drinks that truly capture the essence of the island. Be surprised by the intense flavors of Texel spirits and enjoy this wide range of artisanal Texel drinks at home.

Buy Texel Spirits at Texel Products

Whether you choose a robust cup of Texel coffee, a soothing cup of Texel tea, a refreshing glass of Texel apple juice, a unique glass of Texel wine, a characterful Texel beer or an exclusive Texel spirits, every sip tells a story.

At Texel Products we guarantee the highest quality Texel drinks, straight from the island to your glass. Discover the authentic taste of Texel and let our wide range of drinks experience the taste and tradition of the island. Order today and enjoy the best that Texel has to offer.