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Duvets and pillows are filled with genuine Texel sheep's wool and Waddendons.

A beautiful natural product from Texel, matured by sun, sea and wind. Once you sleep under or on top of the wool, you never want anything else.

Wool-filled Texel Duvets

Comfortable wool-filled duvets from Texel

Wouldn't you like to sleep under a top quality duvet made of finest sheep's wool? Find it at Texelse Producten. The wool comes from the sheep breed the "Texelaar" which is world famous for its thick wool. In our shop you'll find duvets with the weight to fit your preference, for summer, spring, autumn or for winter. You may pair up a summer's and autumn's duvet to create the perfect duvet for the winter season.

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  1. Texeler multikeus sheep's wool comforter
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    Texeler sheep's wool summer duvet 200 gr/m² - Connectable
    As low as €63.00
  2. Sheepwool all-season duvet
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    Texel sheep's wool all-season duvet 250gr/m² + 450 gr/m²
    As low as €129.00
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