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Texel Cheese

Looking for a tasty Texel cheese? Then choose for example the Texel Fenugreek from Wezenspyk. This cheese, from the authentic Texel farm Wezenspyk, has been produced on the Wadden Island for years. The cheese is rich in taste and is made in a traditional way on the farm. Therefore you can taste the flavor of Texel in this delicious Wezenspyk cheese. At Texel Products you can easily order every kind of Texel cheese online. Get the taste of Texel in your home and enjoy the cheeses of Wezenspyk!

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    Texel Farmer's Cheese Seaweed
  2. Wezenspyk - Naturel
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    Wezenspyk - Naturel Cheese
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    Wezenspyk - Mustard Cheese
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  4. Wezenspyk - Wezenparel
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  5. Wezenspyk - Fenugreek
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    Wezenspyk - Sheep Cheese
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The tastiest Texel Cheese

An example of a tasty Texel cheese is fenugreek cheese. Fenugreek cheese is cheese to which fenugreek has been added. This is a special herb that has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties and delicious taste. It is native to southern Europe, and both the seeds and leaves of the herb can be used in cooking. You can also use fenugreek when making cheese. Fenugreek cheese has a mild, nutty flavor, which makes it a tasty and accessible cheese. You can eat it on its own, but also on a cracker or on bread. Wezenspyk Cheese Farm on Texel has been making the tastiest fenugreek cheese on the island for years. With more than forty years of experience, the farm is a true household name on the Wadden Island. Not only fenugreek cheese, but also sheep's cheese, farmhouse cheese and goat's cheese are made according to traditional methods.

What cheeses can you find at Wezenspyk?

Cheese farm Wezenspyk on Texel makes many delicious, traditional cheeses, for example:

  • The popular Wezenparel cheese
  • Nettle Cheese
  • Goat Cheese
  • Sheep's cheese
  • and more!

The cheeses are distinguished by their distinctive flavor. They are also delicious for cheese fondues. Did you know that you can also enjoy a Wezenspyk cheese fondue at home? In our Wezenspyk cheese fondue package you will find different farmhouse cheeses: the Wezenparel, nettle and sambal cheese. These are real taste treats to enjoy with a fondue. This way you can really enjoy the taste of Texel at home!

Texel delicacies

Besides Wezenspyk fenugreek cheese, you can find even more delicious cheeses and specialties from Texel in our webshop. Think of the delicious Texel walnut cheese from Boerderij de Duinen, or a delicious seaweed cheese. You can taste the taste of the salty sea in it! Also for other local delicacies you have come to the right place. How about the delicious herb bitters Beachcomber or the popular Texel speciality beers. Take a look at our conveniently arranged webshop and discover all the beauty that Texel has to offer. You can bring the atmosphere and taste of the unique Wadden Island to your own living room in no time. Also for tasty care products such as Sheep Wool Cream You can come to us. We deliver throughout the Netherlands, so you can also enjoy Texel products at home. Looking for a typical wine or beer to accompany your Texel cheese?

Order Texel cheese easily at Texel Products

At Texel Products you can easily order various Wezenspyk cheeses. If you place your order on a working day before 3:00 pm, we will even make sure that it is packed and shipped the same day. In many cases this means that your Wezenspyk cheese will be delivered the very next day. Orders over €35,- will be shipped for free. In our webshop you will find not only genuine Texel specialties, but also other beautiful products from the island. For example, do you want a Buy sheepskin? It is common knowledge that the most beautiful furs come from Texel. If you have any questions about our products or an order, please feel free to contact us. Our staff is ready to help you!