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Down-filled Texel Duvets

Luxurious duvets from Texel filled with down from the Wadden Islands

Are you looking for a top quality duvet filled with fine down from the Wadden Islands? Find it at Texelse Producten. The down for our products comes from wild ducks that roam the isle of Texel in the brooding season. In our shop you'll find a duvet with the weight to fit your preference, be it for summer, spring, autumn or for winter. You may pair up a summer's and autumn's duvet to create the perfect duvet for the winter season.

All duvets are delivered by order. Because of this, they sometimes have a longer delivery time!

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  1. Pillow filled with free-range Texel duck down
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    Down-filled pillow
    As low as €155.00
  2. All-season two-piece duvet filled with free-range down from Texel
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    Down-filled duvet 4-seasons
    As low as €311.00
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