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Texel Wool Socks

Texel Wool Socks

Texel Wool Socks

Skéépe's wool socks take the goat's wool sock to a whole new level!
Do you suffer from cold feet easily? Then these unique woollen socks are just the thing for you. The thick wool from Texel sheep provides cosy warmth for your feet. Because the wool also breathes and regulates moisture well, you will still not suffer from sweaty or clammy feet.

Also, the wool is antibacterial and self-cleaning, so your socks and feet will stay fresh for longer.

So order the thick warm socks from Texel today. If you order before 15:00, your socks will be shipped the same working day.

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Why the wool socks from Skéépe?

The wool socks from Skéépe are unique in their kind because the wool is used from the sheep that actually live on Texel. Because the sheep live freely in the Texel island climate. Because of this, their wool becomes extra thick and frizzy. This special wool is collected by Skéépe from the farmers and then made into these beautiful socks. This makes the socks extra thick, soft and wonderfully warm. Really a sheep wool sock of the best quality.


Buying wool socks

Maybe you ended up here because you are looking for goat wool socks. Then you have come to the right place! Goat wool socks are not made of goat wool. Goat wool is not suitable for that at all.

And if you think that goat wool socks have a bad image, try the wool socks from Skéépe. Not only are they thick, natural, authentic socks. They are also very trendy and fit perfectly into sustainable trends of the moment.

Buying wool socks from 100% Texel wool

Skéépe uses only the wool from Texel sheep farms. So the sheep live outside and benefit from the salty sea climate. Because of this you have a product which comes 100% from Texel soil and is composed with care.

Preferably we would make socks from 100% wool, but to get a better fit it is better to mix the wool. The wool blend of Skéépe consists of a very high percentage of wool (85%) and a small amount of viscose (15%) so there is an ideal balance between nature and comfort.

15% viscose and 85% wool: 100% Texels!

Warm wool socks

Wool has many naturally good properties that help regulate temperature and moisture. Namely, wool has an insulating én breathing effect. This keeps your feet at the right temperature whether it is hot or cold outside. If you suffer a lot from cold feet or even chilblains, you will really benefit from the warming property of the wool. You don't have to worry about sweaty feet here, the wool ventilates well and wicks away moisture effortlessly. The antibacteriële and cleansing properties of the wool also make it the most hygiënic sock you can choose. In short, wool socks are the warmest socks but also the most comfortable socks and best for your health.

Convinced by the good effects of wool? Then also try the walking wool of Skéépe. Beneficial for your feet and prevents blisters during walking.

Frequently asked questions about the socks of Skéépe

How to wash wool socks?

Wool socks washing:The Texel wool socks can be washed. You can do this by hand or in the washing machine on a special wool wash program and preferably with a wool detergent. The socks may be washed at 30 degrees maximum.

Wool socks drying: The most important thing is to dry the socks. Do not wring out the socks and certainly do not put them in the dryer. The wool will not withstand this and will start to felt. So how should you dry your wool socks? Preferably lay them flat on a cloth on a drying rack and don't put them in the full sun but let them dry slowly.

Did you know that wool is dirt-repellent and antibacterial? So your socks stay fresh much longer and don't have to be washed as often as regular socks. Easy for you and better for the environment!

What are the warmest wool socks

To get warm feet, it's best to choose wool socks anyway. Due to the thick wool fiber of the sheep breed the "Texel" sheep wool is thus an excellent warming product and ideal for cold feet. Because Skéépe uses the wool from sheep that actually grew up in the Texel island climate, this wool is even a little thicker and therefore extra warm and soft for your feet. Just think of your own hair when you've spent a day at the beach, you'll feel it immediately! Despite this robust wool, it is just as lovely and soft and does not sting.

Texel wool socks or merino wool socks

Now we are actually fans of all wool socks but I can imagine that you want to know the difference between merino wool socks and Texel sheep wool socks. Merino wool is known for its fine texture, making it well suited for making clothes out of. The Texel wool is slightly less fine in structure but therefore nice and thick and strong. Ideal for making socks. The temperature of your feet is therefore well regulated and you will never have too hot or too cold feet when wearing Texel wool socks. So if you go for a firmer, thicker quality of socks, then Texel wool socks are the ideal choice!

What wool socks in boots

Would you like to wear your wool socks in boots? No problem! Choosing wool socks for in your boots is a good choice anyway. Your feet will not only stay warm, but also protect you from chafing while walking. In addition, we have different styles, with the medium-high or long socks of course being perfect for wearing in boots or boots.