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Are you forced to sit or lie down a lot? Then a medicinally tanned sheepskin is a good choice. This sheepskin helps you prevent bedsores and pressure sores and ensures that your body gets the proper support. With a Texel medicinally tanned sheepskin you can prevent decubitus and provide more comfort in bed or in the (wheel) chair. Decubitus, or bedsores, are common in nursing homes in the Netherlands. When people are bedridden, wounds and sores can form in the areas where the most pressure is applied. These wounds are very painful and can be prevented, for example with a medicinally tanned sheepskin.

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  1. Medicinal sheepskin with long hair - Unshorn medicinal sheepskin - sheepskin for in chair - Texel medicinal sheepskin
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    Medicinal Sheepskin long hair
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  2. Medicinal lambskin with long hair
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    Medicinal lambskin - long hair
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  3. Texel Medicinal Sheepskin - Large & Washable
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    Medicinal Sheep Hide Large
    Special Price €69.95 Regular Price €82.30
  4. Texel medicated sheepskin big / extra large sheep texelaar
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    Medicinal Sheep Hide Super Large
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  5. Texel Sheepskin | medicinal, lambskin for baby's
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    Medicinal Lambskin for Baby
    Special Price €59.90 Regular Price €70.00
  6. Wheelchair cushion made of medicinal sheepskin - Texel Sheepskin
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    Texel Medicinal sheepskin Wheelchair cushion / seat cushion
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  7. Medicated washable sheepskin, also washable at high temperature - Skeepe
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    High temperature washable Medical sheepskin
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Why a medicinally tanned sheepskin from Texel?

The Texel sheepskin comes from Texel, and is very special. It is known as the best sheepskin of the Netherlands. This is because the sheep on Texel can enjoy the salty sea breeze outside. About 20.000 sheep graze on the Wadden Island. Because of the sun, the sea breeze and the salty soil, the wool of Texel sheep contains a large amount of lanolin. This substance ensures that the wool of the sheep insulates well, is wonderfully soft and regulates moisture and temperature. The lanolin is also good for the skin, which makes a medicinally tanned sheepskin from Texel extra comfortable. It is an important ingredient in sheep's wool cream.

The benefits of a medicinally tanned sheepskin

  • It prevents bedsores (decubitus)
  • Our sheepskins are medicinally tanned and provide the right support.
  • Medicinal sheepskins from Texel are of exceptionally high quality.
  • The coats regulate temperature, pressure and moisture.
  • They are washable with a 30 degree wool wash and therefore easy to clean.

Supported by scientific research

In Australia, medicinally tanned sheepskins have been used in hospitals since 1998. Recent research has shown that these coats can help prevent bedsores. Of the patients who lay on medicinally tanned sheepskin, only 9% suffered from pressure sores. Of the group of patients who did not lie on such a sheepskin, the percentage was much higher, namely 15%. A medicinally tanned sheepskin is thus able to reduce bedsores by 40%.

Both summer and winter medicinally tanned sheepskin

The sheepskins of Texel are both insulating and breathable, making them nice and cool in the summer and wonderfully warm in the winter. This ensures that a medicinally tanned sheepskin can be used all year round. The fleeces are shorn short, which gives them a pleasant firmness. This is what makes a sheepskin medicinal. They are able to distribute pressure on the body, greatly reducing the risk of pressure sores. They also regulate moisture and temperature, are irritation-free and antibacterial. They can be washed on a 30 degree wool wash if necessary, which ensures that they are easy to keep clean. A medicinally tanned sheepskin lasts a long time and can safely be used for a long time. The wool of Texel sheep, can also be made into other beautiful products such as Texel home slippers and home shoes.

Order your certified Real Texel product easily online

Texel Products makes it easy to order your products from Texel online. Packages ordered before 15:00 will be delivered to PostNL the same day. This ensures that, in many cases, you will have your medicinally tanned sheepskin in your home the very next day (Netherlands). All our products have the quality mark 'Real Texel Product', which guarantees that the sheepskin you order really comes from a sheep that grazed on Texel. Our sheepskins come from Skéépe, the only supplier of real Texel sheepskin. This company has all its skins ecologically cleaned and tanned, so you are not only ordering a high quality product, but also a sustainable one. With proper care, a medicinally tanned sheepskin will last a lifetime. Also for other Texel wool products Please visit our webshop and feel free to take a look!