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Blue 'Texelaar' Sheepskin

The sheepskins of the Blue 'Texelaar'

The Texel sheep breed is naturally known for its high quality meat and wonderfully thick wool. This is because over the years, farmers on the island bred with the best sheep, creating a breed of sheep with the very best qualities: the 'Texelaar'.

The Blue 'Texelaar' is a colour variant of the 'Texelaar' breed, known for its blue-grey glow in the wool of its sheepskin. This colour was selectively bred by farmers because they wanted to preserve this special wool colour.

As a result, we occasionally receive a beautiful blue / grey Texel sheepskin. Each blue Texel sheepskin is unique and all equally beautiful. So if you are looking for such a beautiful skin of the Blue 'Texelaar' and want to buy such a unique sheepskin, you can choose from our specially selected, high quality Blue Texel sheepskins. The sheepskins can be ordered online in our webshop. All orders placed before 15:00 will be shipped the same working day. So you'll have your blue sheepskin, therefore, nice and fast at home.

Oh yes, not unimportant; All these unique, Blue Texel sheepskins come from sheep that have actually lived with the Texel farmer, on the island!

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    Blue Texel Lambskin - Exclusive lambskin! (105x70 cm.)
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What is special about the Blue Texel Sheepskin

You have probably heard of the sheep breed the 'Texelaar'. In itself, this is a special breed, as it was created by breeding sheep with the very best qualities. This has thus created an extremely strong breed, known for its beautiful sheepskin and thick wool fibre.

Among the Texelaar, there are the colours white and brown but also the Blue Texelaar! This is a special colour wool that has a beautiful blue-grey glow and is therefore unique in its kind! So the special thing about a Blue Texel sheepskin is definitely the high quality of the wool but also the special colour. In addition, there are far fewer sheep that have this beautiful blue glow in their wool, so the sheepskins are not as readily available as, for example, White or Brown Texel sheepskins. All in all, a special high-quality sheepskin with a unique blue / greyish colour.

Texel sheepskins

Texel sheepskins are world-famous and of high quality. The island's salty sea air and sometimes strong winds have ensured that the wool of the Texel sheep is rough, thick but still wonderfully soft. Due to this island climate, the wool fibre of the Texel sheep is thus unique in its kind.

So when you buy a Texel sheepskin, you are not only going for a high-quality product, but also for a sustainable natural product that adds atmosphere to any interior.

The advantages of a Texel sheepskin at a glance

  • High-quality sheepskin
  • Durable natural product and ecologically processed
  • Genuine Texel sheepskin
  • Sheepskins available in various colours and sizes
  • Now also the unique Blue Texelaar sheepskin
  • Ordered online before 15:00, shipped the same working day!

Natural and coloured sheepskins

You can buy various Texel sheepskins in our webshop. We have natural white and brown sheepskins. These are skins that have the original colour of the sheep themselves. We also have the natural colour of the Blue Texel sheepskin available. These sheepskins can all be ordered uniquely in our webshop based on their photos.

If you are looking for something that matches your own interior, you can go for a coloured sheepskin. Think for example of a beige sheepskin or a taupe sheepskin. These are nice basic colours and give a great look to your living room, bedroom or terrace.

Buy a Texel Blue sheepskin online!

So if you are looking for a nice sheepskin for in the chair or on the couch, they can be ordered online in our Texel sheepskin webshop. Orders placed before 15:00 will be shipped the same working day. What's more, we offer free shipping and returns!*