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Texel Sheepskin Rugs

The sheepskin of the Texel sheep is an enormously versatile product. You can make anything from it, from decorative to medicinal sheepskins. You can also use the wool to make beautiful natural products such as Texel home slippers. Add a few sheepskins together and you get a lovely rug that feels soft on your feet. For a rug, several sheepskins or lambskins are joined together to create a larger surface area. The result is a beautiful large sheepskin rug with a natural look. In our webshop you will find different colors and sizes, so there is always a sheepskin rug that fits your interior.

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A sheepskin rug from Texel

Texel is known for its beautiful, artisanal products. The island is home to as many as 20,000 sheep, so you're bound to have come across a few on a bike tour or walk across the Wadden Island. The sheep are in the meadows and enjoy the sun and the salty climate of Texel. This ensures that their coat and wool are of high quality. It contains a large amount of lanolin, the wool grease that makes their coat insulate well. A large sheepskin rug made from Texel sheep is both soft and airy, making it long-lasting and pleasant to the touch in any season. Ideal when you want to create some extra coziness in the living room or bedroom.

What makes a Texel sheepskin so unique?

  • The sheep are out in the meadow enjoying the salty sea breeze.
  • Because of those perfect weather conditions, their fur contains a lot of lanolin, which keeps the wool healthy.
  • Therefore, a sheepskin of Texel is nice and soft and insulating but also moisture regulating. So a large rug of sheepskin is nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • These skins used for a large sheepskin rug are of high quality and produced in an ecological way.
  • Sheepskins have a high decorative value. Think not only of a rug, but also of a cozy sheepskin chair.

100% Texel sheepskin rug

All sheepskin rugs you find in our webshop are made of 100% genuine Texel sheepskin, originating from sheep that have actually lived on the island. This is what makes the wool so special. A large sheepskin rug works well in front of the fireplace, in the living room or in the bedroom in front of the bed. It gives any room a natural and rustic look, bringing the atmosphere of Texel into your home. In our webshop you will also find other beautiful natural products from the Wadden Island, such as a wide range of Texel wool products from real Texel sheep.

Order your sheepskin rug online

If you are looking for a traditional sheepskin rug, you can easily order one from 'Texelse Producten' in the webshop. Do you have special wishes for your sheepskin rug? Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We have our sheepskins tanned in a natural way and sewn together professionally on Texel, so we can make your rug exactly as you want it. The fleeces are available in different colors. Order your sheepskin rug on a working day before 15:00? Then we'll make sure your order is posted the same day. Returns are free and within 14 days, so you can decide at your leisure. Order the most beautiful Texel products quickly and easily from