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Texel wool & down duvets

A good night's sleep is essential for your health. That is why Texel Products has various duvets for you to doze off under. What is the best duvet for you? A wool duvet filled with 100% pure virgin wool or a soft down duvet filled with Wadden down? Search online for the best duvet for you. Dream away under a wonderfully soft Texel duvet!

All duvets are made to order. Therefore they sometimes have a longer delivery time!

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  1. Winter duvet filled with Texel duck down
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  2. Summer duvet filled with duck down
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  3. Pillow filled with free-range Texel duck down
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    Down-filled pillow
    As low as €155.00
  4. All-season two-piece duvet filled with free-range down from Texel
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    Down-filled duvet 4-seasons
    As low as €311.00
  5. Texeler multikeus sheep's wool comforter
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    Texeler sheep's wool summer duvet 200 gr/m² - Connectable
    As low as €63.00
  6. Sheepwool all-season duvet
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    Texel sheep's wool all-season duvet 250gr/m² + 450 gr/m²
    As low as €129.00
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4-seasons duvets for every night of the year

Are you looking for a duvet that will last you the rest of the year? Then a sheep's wool all-seasons duvet is the right choice. This 4-season duvet is made from Texel sheep's wool and has two sections: one of 250 grams per m² and one of 450 grams per m².

Texeler duvets of 100 % soft sheep's wool

Our Texeler duvets are made of completely pure wool from the 'Texelaar' sheep breed. The wool of the Texel sheep is shorn at the same time every year, just before summer arrives. Texeler duvets are known as one of the best duvets and you can order a suitable variant for every season. A wonderfully warm Texeler duvet for the winter, or a thin, light duvet for the hot summer months. Choose from the following different seasonal duvets of A-brand Texeler:

All Texeler duvets are linkable. So you can simply join them together. Do you want to create an extra warm and soft duvet? Order several Texel wool duvets and create the best 4-seasons duvet yourself! Are you more of a down duvet lover? Then you will also find a suitable duvet for the whole year at Texel Products.

Rather buy a down duvet?

Texel Products is also the right address for down duvets. Our down duvets are made of genuine Wadden down. The ducks that scratch around Texel during the breeding season shed many feathers. These are collected and then made into the best down duvets (and wonderfully soft down pillows). There is a down duvet for every time of year!

The down duvets are linkable so that you can create the ideal duvet for every season. If you are looking for a down duvet, we have a separate down duvet for 4 seasons!

Buy your duvet at Texel Products

Have you found the duvet you want to dream away under? Every duvet is available in various sizes: from small single duvets (such as 100 x 135 or 140 x 200) to double duvets (such as 200 x 200 or 240 x 220). Put the duvet of your choice in your shopping basket and proceed to order. Note: all our duvets are delivered to order. Because of this the delivery time can sometimes be longer!