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Texelse medicinal sheepskin

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This Texel medicinal sheepskin large is mainly used for medical complaints such as bedsores.
The sheep has actually lived on Texel under optimal conditions.

  • Helps prevent bedsores
  • Genuine Texelaar product
  • Dimensions: approx. 110 cm. long and approx. 65 cm. wide
  • Gives warmth at muscle and joint problems
  • Moisture and temperature regulating

Will my medicinal sheepskin be reimbursed by health insurance?


Our medicinal sheepskin and medical sheepskin products have an AGB code. You can use this code to submit a claim to your health insurance company.


AGB claim code: 76091238
Qualification code: 7600
G-Standard / Z-index code: 17100283

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Medicinal sheepskin - large


Are you forced to sit and/or lie down a lot? Our Texel medical sheepskin will help you prevent bedsores or pressure sores.

The Texel medical sheepskin is suitable for people who need decubitus prevention or want more comfort in their bed or (wheel)chair.
Bedsores (decubitus) are common in Dutch nursing homes. When patients are bedridden, wounds can develop in the areas with high pressure. Bedsores are very painful and in most cases preventable.

In Australia, medical coats have been used in hospitals since 1998.
Recent research in Australia has shown that, the patients who lay on an medicinal sheepskin, 91% don't develope pressure sores.


For the medical sheepskins we use the sheepskin of the Texel sheep.

Due to the wind and salty sea air on the island, the Texel has a firm frizzy wool with a high content of lanolin.
Lanolin is a wool grease that has a nurturing effect on the skin.
The medicinal sheepskin is shorn short, which gives it a pleasant firmness when used to distribute the pressure of the body.


The advantages of a medicinal sheepskin

Our Texel medicinal sheepskin is pressure regulating, moisture and temperature regulating, irritation free, antibacterial and if necessary washable on a wool wash of 30 degrees.
Our medicinal sheepskin is shorn short so it offers a pleasant firmness when used to distribute the pressure of the body.
Because the wool regulates heat it can adapt to the temperature of the body. This makes the medicinal sheepskin feel wonderfully warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A genuine Texelaar product

We source our sheepskins from Skéépe, the only supplier of genuine Texel furs, which guarantees that you are buying the fleece from a sheep that has actually lived on the island.

Skéépe has the furs cleaned and tanned ecologically. So with your purchase you get a sustainable and unique product in your hands, which with the right maintenance will last a lifetime!



The coat is at least 110 cm long and 60 cm wide.

All our medicinal sheepskins come with a Skéépe hygiene-seal. This way you are assured of an unused and hygienic sheepskin. Once the seal is broken, the product can unfortunately no longer be returned.

Do you have any questions about the medicinal sheepskin? Please contact us via our contact form.



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✓ Sheep breed: Texelaar
✓ EAN: 8720964790930
✓ Colour: Yellow / Light Yellow
✓ Size: 110x65 cm.
✓ Origin: Texel
✓ Wool length: 2-3 centimetres

✓ AGB claim code: 76091238
✓ Qualification: 7600
✓ G-Standard / Z-index code: 17100283

100% Genuine and natural sheepskins!
100% Genuine and natural sheepskins!

Our sheepskins are a real natural product. The sheep have lived on the land of a Texel farmer and have roamed freely there. The sheepskins are also tanned and treated in an ecological way.

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