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TexelWool Greenlabel

€ 289,00
Size blanket

TexelWool® Green Label Attention to human and environment The TexelWool © Green Label quilt is a natural product in all its aspects. A lovely comfortable quilt and very environmental friendly.

The sheep wool is from Texel. The land where the sheep graze is checked on the use of pesticides. The mudflats gold certificate guarantees the respect of animal wellness. The wool is washed using the 'Dylan Eco System'. During the wash elements are used that are not harmful to the environment. The high-quality cotton - destined for tijk - is grown on plantations where there is made no use of chemical pesticides. In the subsequent cotton processing, distribution and packaging all attention goes to human en environment. In our production process sustainability also has a high priority. We do everything we can to make our product as 'green' as possible.

Other sizes are available on request.