Wooden Crate 46*32*22

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Wooden Crate large - 46 x 32 x 22 cm

Wooden Crate large - 46 x 32 x 22 cm.

This auction crate made from natural wood is a very popular product. It can be used throughout the entire year as gift set packaging for regional products and drinks.

Regional products in an Auction Crate

Auctions crates are used by farms for many years. Because of this the crates are extremely suitable for packaging regional products
When the products are packaged in a auction crate they stand out in every shop. The regional and natural appearance of the auction crate is suitable for fresh produce like vegetables and fruit.

Auction Crate for Drinks

The crates are produced with firm wood and glued together properly, this makes the crate suitable for heavy loads. This is the reason these crates are commonly used by liquor stores and juice sellers. Several bottles of glass bottles filled with drinks can be safely packaged and shipped with these crates.

A package of regional beers that are packed in a auction crate creates the perfect picture the beer it authentic and brewed with craftsmanship. It creates a robust appearance of both products.


The crate are stackable, therefor it is easy to ship it stacked. Next to a beautiful present for the customer it is a functional packaging for you as well.

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