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How do I clean my sheepskin

How to maintain and clean my sheepskin?

How do I maintain, care and clean my sheepskin?

A sheepskin naturally has a self-cleaning effect. However, it might happen that your sheepskin may become dirty or dull during use. We are therefore happy to give advice on how to keep your sheepskin nice and clean.

Can I wash my sheepskin?

It is best not to wash a sheepskin. By washing the hide, you remove the naturally present lanolin (wool fat) and the skin of the coat becomes hard and stiff as a result of drying.

Still want to wash your sheepskin?

Steaming sheepskin:

It is best to have your sheepskin steamed with a special wool detergent.

Hand washing sheepskin:

If you wash your sheepskin by hand, it is best to do this in cold water and with a special wool detergent.

Wash sheepskin in the washing machine:

If you do decide to wash your coat in the washing machine, it is best to do this on a wool washing program with a special wool detergent. Don't have a wool program? Then wash it on a short program of maximum 30 degrees.

Drying sheepskin:

If your sheepskin is wet, it is best to shake it out and gently squeeze it dry. It is important to let your coat dry as slowly as possible, so not in the sun or tumble dryer. Hang your sheepskin in the bathroom to dry and stretch the leather part regularly while drying. Please note that drying can take a long time. 

How do I keep my sheepskin clean?


Stains are best cleaned with a damp cloth. It is then best not to wet the leather.


Furthermore, it is best to let your coat air out for a while, preferably during high humidity such as fog but no rain. It can also do wonders to put your fur in the snow.


Special brushes and wool combs are available to maintain your Texel sheepskin. This gives the wool a nice structure again. By combing or brushing a felted skin, it will regain a beautiful and soft appearance.


Just like a carpet, you can vacuum your Texel sheepskin once in a while. This removes the dirt between the hairs. 

My sheepskin has a strong smell

Due to the tanning process, which mainly happens with natural products, a skin can smell a bit strong in the beginning. Especially the medicinal sheepskins. This smell is perceived as unpleasant by some people. In this case, it is best to let the sheepskin air out once in a while. It is preferable to air a coat in high humidity such as fog, but not in the rain.

The smell always becomes less after a few weeks!

What does wool grease / Lanolin do?

The lanolin naturally found in sheepskin is a wax rather than grease. This wax has a dirt-repellent and bacteria-resistant function. Because of this beautiful natural product, your sheepskin actually keeps itself clean! The wool grease also has a healing effect on your skin and is often used for creams and ointments. 

What is the difference between a medicinal sheepskin and an regular sheepskin?

Medicinal sheepskins:

Medicinal sheepskins, or medical skins, are tanned in a special way, shaved shorter and more yellow in color. They are intended to be used for medical purposes such as bedsores, joint pain and skin problems. A sheepskin also contains microbes that offer protects against lung diseases and asthma for babies and children.

The special ecological tanning process also makes the coat easier to clean. As a result the coat can be washed, but do this as little as possible.

Regular sheepskins:

Our regular sheepskins are also naturally tanned and are intended for your interior. A sheepskin gives a warm look and is very comfortable on the couch, in your chair or outside in the garden chairs. The coats are available in different colors!