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Foot wool - caring sheep's wool from Skéépe

Texel sheep wool for natural protection and restoration to your damaged skin. Skéépe has high quality ★★★★★ caring wool, such as: Walking wool, Healing wool, Feet wool and Anti pressure wool. Order quickly online in our Shop!

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  1. Skéépe's walk from Texel - Blisters, foot and skin problems are taken care of with this lanolin wool
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    Hikers wool from Texel sheep wool
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Skéépe sheep's wool provides natural protection for blisters, heel spurs, nappy rash and other pressure complaints. The caring effect of the wool can be used for many different skin complaints caused, for example, by rubbing, rubbing or pressure. Because wool can help with so many different complaints, we now have 4 different bags of wool, all of which will naturally help with your complaints.

Voetenwol - Foot wool / Pedicure wool

Foot wool is your ideal use as a pedicure wool. The wool is fine-textured and therefore easy to place between the toes. In addition, the lanolin softens the skin and protects the wool in case of pressure complaints or chafing. All types of foot discomfort can be relieved with this wool. These include: ingrown nails, corns, heel spur, skin soothing, foot fungus, winter toes and cold feet.

Wandelwol - Hikers wool

The Skéépe hiking wool is nice and thick in texture, making it your ideal hiking buddy. Prevent blisters and calluses by simply placing a tuft of wool between your skin and sock or shoe. The wool absorbs the pressure but does not close off the skin like a blister plaster does. Even if the blister has already formed, the hiking wool helps protect and aid the recovery process. The Skéépe hiking wool has many other advantages while hiking. Just think of the following beautiful and natural properties: prevents and protects from blisters, relieves heel spur, protects from friction & abrasion, regulates moisture, prevents callus formation and sweaty feet.

Hiking wool

Heilwol - Beneficial Wool

Heilwool is more focused on protecting the most delicate and fragile skin. It has a fine texture , contains a lot of lanolin and is therefore extra gentle for sensitive skin. Fragile, delicate skin is usually difficult to care for but because the wool is pure nature, it is safe and hygienic to use. Washing the wool at 60 degrees removes all bacteria but retains as much lanolin as possible. As a result, the wool is also great to use for babies or during childbirth for, for instance, nappy rash or cracked nipples. People with psoriasis or eczema can also use the heil wool safely.

Antidruk Wol - Anti Pressure Wool

Antidruk wool is the perfect pressure reliever. Due to its wool structure, it has a high, cushioning effect. The unique thing about wool is that at the same time it does not seal off the skin like other products do. The skin can continue to breathe and moisture is removed naturally. The anti-pressure wool has an extra-thick wool fibre, which absorbs pressure well. In addition, the wool has a warming effect that helps relieve muscles and other cold complaints. Use the anti-pressure wool for pressure complaints such as: pressure sores, pressure spots, bedsores, blisters and neuropathy


Order our caring foot wool, walking wool, healing wool or anti-pressure wool easily online now. Ordered before 15:00 = shipped the same day.

Do not use on: Open wounds, damaged skin or lanolin allergy. For specific conditions or chronic complaints, we recommend that you consult a doctor first. Wool is beneficial but not a medicine.